Coming in late 2024 in paperback from Pedantic Press – The Relative Mountains of Earth: The Ribus. This pioneering book features all 7150 Ribus across all seven continents of the planet, along with photographs, articles and anecdotes from several contributors to the World Ribus project.

Welcome to the World Ribus website which contains a comprehensive list of every mountain in the world with a topographic prominence of 1000 metres or more. At last count, in June 2024, there are 7150 peaks across the world which qualify as Ribus. They are – necessarily – the 7150 most prominent peaks on Earth. The name ‘ribu’ comes from the Indonesian and Malay word meaning ‘thousand’.

Topographic prominence is perhaps the best way of identifying significant mountain peaks that are not merely subsidiary tops of some other higher peak. Therefore the chance of a great view at the top is considerable if summit vegetation does not prevent it. The concept is not explicitly part of the famous list of Scottish mountains over 3000 feet known as the Munros but later lists including the Corbetts, Grahams, Marilyns and Ultras all specify a minimum prominence, also known as drop or relative height. Just as Ultras are also known as P1500s (where P stands for prominence), Ribus are also known as P1000s.

This pioneering research project began in 2019 and is the result of the hard work of many individuals mentioned on the About page. For mountain heights, col elevations and summit and col locations we consulted every reliable source we could find, including traditional topographic maps, GPS readings, satellite data from digital elevation models (DEMs), the database created by Andrew Kirmse, publicly available previous research both online and offline including the list of the 1524 Ultra-prominent peaks, online map layers such as OpenTerrainMap (OTM), ArcGIS and Google Maps terrain view. Data quality varies greatly between different regions of the world and there will inevitably be many future updates.

Provisional data is now available to view on regional pages, with mountains listed in order of prominence, but we are still tweaking things. The official launch, plus free downloads and the publication of a paperback book will happen in late 2024. Media organizations are welcome to get in touch with custodian of the Ribus list Daniel Quinn via dan@gunung.org