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Latest version of the World Ribus database (Current Release v1 expected in October 2023):





Which file(s) are most suitable for you? PDF is an easy-to-read document allowing you to scrolls through the entire list and see all of the data clearly. XLS is a spreadsheet, associated with Excel, which consists of a large table of data that can be edited. KML and GPX files are quite similar as both can be used with Google Earth, Google Maps and other mapping software. GPX files typically contain more data and are therefore larger files and can be directly uploaded to GPS devices such as Garmin. It is easy to convert between GPX and KML (and vice versa) using an online converter.

Database Revision Information. The World Ribus downloads above come in the naming format as follows: worldribus-version number. For example, worldribus-v1. There is no set time period for new updates. Rather, an update happens as and when there is sufficient reason to create one such as improved data for a considerable number of mountain peaks.